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August 23 2017


no offense but money would solve literally every single one of my problems. like all of them. i dont have a single problem that money wouldnt immediately solve

A letter to people who think that Blood Elves are weak or pathetic











I fail to see the point of view that blood elves are weak.

“Death to all who oppose us.”

“Let none exist who stand in the way of the Sin’dorei.”

These are not words spoken by flimsy, shallow, vain people.

Just because they want to look fabulous before they get blood on their hands does not make them unable to get blood on their hands.

A Disgruntled Human.

Yes, yes, thank you.

One of the greatest problems I have with how casual observers view Blood Elves is that they look at the great hair and snappy clothes and go ‘oh look at these silly fops’, when those ‘silly fops’ and not only the survivors of a zombie apocalypse but willing to literally suck the energy out of lesser beings (more so in the RPG books which have sadly been removed from canon lore, where the Blood Elves were asserted to even hunt down demons to drain).

These are a people who might be pretty and effete but are also sharp and hardened by their trials and literally willing to kill anyone who opposes them, and not only that but change loyalties and allies on the turn of a dime if they even begin to suspect that those allies might be treating them with even the smallest amount of disrespect or disregard.

TL;DR: Blood Elves are hardcore as hell.

Yes, this. Let’s see.

  • Survived a zombie apocalypse
  • Are willing to kill anyone in their way
  • Are willing to kill anyone who disrespects them
  • Are masters of magic
  • Willing and able to suck energy out of any living thing less than them (and they determine what constitutes as “less than them")
  • Old as balls
  • WILL change loyalties if they’re not being respected after they believe they’ve earned it (or, in some cases, even at all)
  • WILL change loyalties if they believe their skills and/or needs are being disregarded or shoved aside

Sounds like a group of people that you really don’t want to fuck with.

Bringing this back because I like bullet points, also:

  • These are the people who think that telling you they don’t actually drink blood is reassuring.
  • These are the people who send you out literally to murder large numbers of people and then crow over it.
  • These are the people who think that repaying evil with evil is perfectly fine.
  • These are the people who happily sabotage and kill others to serve their own interests.

Not to mention…

  • These are people who stand together through EVERYTHING.
  • No matter how different two individuals may be, they’re tied together by virtue of being the same species.
  • They don’t tolerate betrayal. Betray them and find yourself dead. Look at Kael’thas and the high elves.
  • If you don’t stand with them you stand against them and that is SCARY.
  • They have the awareness to be polite and amicable to outsiders, to put on a ruse and fool everyone into thinking they’re a utopia. And it works.
  • They have survived near-total genocide.

You all forgot one pretty important point too.

http://cghub.com/images/view/429289/  Ohsugarhoneyicedtea. I couldn’t find this anywhere on Tumblr, so I figured I’d best share it. (datcodpiece)

This guy. Yes this guy who battled the scourge, lost an eye doing so, threw a bench fifty feet, went behind Garrosh’s back (When garrosh had spies everywhere and was the complete powerhouse of the horde) while under the impression he was all alone- by himself in all of this, outright snapped back at the banshee queen- not once, but TWICE, butted heads with the strongest mage on Azeroth and in just one expansion of him getting the slightest bit of attention has people suggesting and thinking he’d be a decent canidate for warchief.

and their name.
you do not call your race that lightly.


(Let’s not forget that after the War of the Ancients- when the Highborn were vital to resistance efforts- the Night Elves refused to let them stay because they were all ‘arcane magic is evil’.  

So these outcasts who had spent their entire lives on one gigantic landmass built boats, sailed across the ocean- with the freaking Malestrom to contend with- and established their own kingdom with virtually nothing but their magic and their wits.)

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(◕‿◕✿) flower effect

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“What has violence against Nazis ever accomplished?” 

The end of the holocaust, for starters, ya lollipops. 

you deserving something doesn’t mean any specific person owes it to you


you deserve love. your crush does not owe you a date.

you deserve success. your coworkers do not owe you extra hours.

you deserve emotional support. your friends do not owe you free therapy.

what ‘you deserve this’ means is that it’s ok to want it and hope for it and try to achieve it, not that you have the authority to demand that a person provide it. it’s good to ask for it, but you have to be willing to take no for an answer.

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35 tumblr posts that will rip a hole in your brain.

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A few banner ads from the Cartoon Network website (1999-2000)

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jack and yusei eating ice cream that looks like them

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New legends will rise

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well i did this myself…best KH trio…the best.

Happy 15th birthday Kingdom Hearts! ^^

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SM38: ミミッキュのばけのかわ! Mimikkyu’s Disguise!

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Do you see that? Looks like a joke image, right? Well, it isn’t.

This happens in Venezuela. It looks like nobody knows how is our crisis, because I’ve talked with a lot of people (Americans, French, Canadian and even Mexican people) who really don’t know what is happening.

I’ll explain the imagen.

In Venezuela, we haven’t medicines, even in the hospitals. This is because a patient with hypoglycemia is being attended in this way, because the hospital don’t have dextrose for the people. This is happening in Caracas, Venezuela’s capital. But not only in Caracas, is confirmed that in Maracaibo too, and who know where too.

Another cases:

“I take prednisone for animals because I can’t found it anywhere and it helps me, isn’t logic, but our health can’t wait”

“Confirmed, I’m medic performing in so many decadency. We even’t have privates places for dextrose for decompensated diabetics and believe me I could write for hours about so many that I’ve lived in the middle of this catastrophic crisis, where personally I’ve take with me a hurted pacient behind of a 350 because we haven’t ambulances, where we haven’t gloves for protect ourselves and a lot of  things like that, this is the reality…. It must be give “ORALLY” because the drink is rich in glucose (Sugar) for these pacients this imagen showes [She means the soda imagen] how is conected to a micromanager where it doesn’t looks very good… But it’s valid by an OROGASTRIC probe. As a heroic way, becase like we know “It’s incorrect”.

I even can give my own testomony. My mom is sick, and she must work everyday, I can’t help her because my leg is broken, and my brother must help his own family. She’s in pain everyday, and the money is too hard to found. If there’s money, but there’s no medicine. And, if there’s medicine, there’s no money, because all the treatments are very expensive, like everything, for our inflation on the 1600%.

Please, help us.

@takashi0 @klubbhead @satoshi01 @libertybill @nunyabizni @boyonetta @steven-universe-official 

I’m sorry, guys. Can you help me to spread this? :C I need that people know about Venezuela’s situation. I’m sorry for bother you.

I’d be very interested in seeing more information on this. This sounds like something out of a post-apocalyptic nightmare novel.

Sure thing, my friend!

Since 2014, our crisis is worse with the health zone. There’s no too many medicines, and a lot of operations and treatments are delayed for this same reason.

The hospitals don’t have spaces, litters or beds for the patients.

If you go to a farmacy, there’s no medicine.

A lot of hospitals are in a terrible state.

Supplies that were lacking in public hospitals included sterile gloves and gauze, antiseptics, alcohol for medical use, scalpels, needles, catheters, intravenous solutions, nebulizers and surgical sutures. It was even common to lack basic cleaning supplies (such as bleach), which are essential to ensure a sterile environment in hospitals. Unhealthy conditions have led to in-hospital infections that could have been prevented.

And this is only talking about the health zone.

If we talk about the food shortage and the hyper inflation…

We must do LOOOOOONG lines for hours for buy the basic food. Like flour, sugar, rice, pasta, meat, chicken…. 

We only can buy one time at the week, for the last number of our ID. 

If you search in Google “The next Venezuela”, you’ll see we aren’t a country anymore. We are a level in the shitmeter.

Christ, I’m so sorry. If there are any charities or reputable organizations we can donate to, I’d love to share links to them. ;;

Y'all this shortage of necessities shit had been going on in Venezuela for at least a decade. I have never been able to help because I don’t know what charities are allowed in or out of Venezuela and I don’t trust the people who run those charities to tell the truth.

Please - someone IN Venezuela. Give me a name. A valid website. Something. I will do my damnedest to make something happen, even if it’s just a few families getting fed a few days.

(Love how they voted the fucker out and he’s still in power. Just. So awesome. -_-)

This is the first time I see a post on this site about my country and it breakes my heart… Because I want to give you names of charities so you can actually help us but I know people that tried to donate meds and food but our fucking goverment blocked that help. They refuse to accept aid. They are so fucking sick of power that just don’t care about us.

The only way we have to fight this crisis is through social media, we use twitter to find meds and food and we came up with a few apps like Donamed or Akiztá to help us find what we need. 

There are a bunch of twitter accounts dedicated to locate meds, such as: @spvzla, @MedicinasEquiv, @Flapastillita, @compartex1vida, @sanandove, @Donatumed, @AyudaMedicinasV y @DonandoMedicin1

For the people out there that want to help, like I said… it’s hard to tell you how you could do that because there’s no warranty that we’ll get the help. Still, I won’t let them win so I did my research and I found a few websites that I think you guys can trust and can donate to.

http://comparteporunavida.com/ —> With your donation, this people get formula and nutritional suppliments for children in hospitals and homes in need.

http://www.ayudahumanitariavenezuela.org/english.html —> You can go to their online shop to buy medical supplies from a wish list, which are then delivered to those in need.

https://www.soschildrensvillages.org.uk/donate/sponsor-a-child/ —> I think you can choose and sponsor a Venezuelan child.

http://www.chamos.org.uk/about-us/ —> They provide financial support for children to acquire medical, educational or other essential equipment.

http://www.corazonymanosenaccion.com/dona_ahora.htm —> The thing with this site is that the bank accounts they work with are from here, so I don’t know the process when it’s an international donation.

The other sites I could find two gofundme created by people like you and me, I hope they mean well and that the money they receive reaches the people who really need it.



If anyone knows more valid websites where people can go and make their donation, please feel free to add it.

And of course  SPREAD THE WORD! The more we all know about the crisis, the bigger chance we have of making a difference in the lives of those who are suffering.

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